This module is about creating a context where high performance emerges naturally and the effectiveness can be seen in the results that come from the NLN coaching sessions.

You will learn:

(The use of the word ‘client’ below is to describe the person you are coaching; this could be a paying client, a person in your team if you are a team leader or any person in your company if you are a coach within a business.)

  • How to create states of high performance in people, so when your “clients” are in the environment where they were challenged they perform at a very high level.
  • To engage and utilise the bigger part of the “client’s” mind and bring off line resources to every day awareness for increased levels of performance.
  • How to effectively leverage and align a “client’s“ attention with their intention so that in everyday business situations attention is directed in the most effective and affective direction.
  • How to use tasking so the “client“ has a series of practical experiences to layer in behaviors relevant to a new skill or resources in an area of challenge
  •  Working and interacting within the “client’s” own story to build resources and choices