NLN is a Group of equally minded people with background in Event management, Customer Experience, Content management, Learning and development from all over the world. After working in different fields, attending countless expos and events we felt that there is something missing in this sector. A place where people from same market segment can have a relaxing sit-down, talk to each other, get to know each other and share their experiences.

With this in mind 5 years ago we started organizing small scale sit-downs for a carefully chosen group of people in the Pharmaceutical, Financial, Industrial and the Marketing sector.

In addition to this on regular basis we are organizing certifiable courses in field of HR, Accounting, Administration, Audit, Risk management, Sales and marketing.

We all share a passion for finding what our customers need the most and delivering it to them in ways that surprise them. 

We accomplish all this by hiring and training the brightest, most driven people that we can find – people that can learn and grow along with the company for the long term.