2nd & 3rd December 2021

Master Data Management has been recognized as a crucial function in firms’ information management; companies are making major investments in their MDM solutions to improve productivity and data quality. However, with mandates to minimize costs while improving data quality and security standards, organizations are feeling the pinch. As information and data from a multitude of sources flows into and out of the enterprise, sustaining a single version of truth assumes the utmost importance.

Master data management (MDM) helps organizations to manage this single version of truth and enables many business goals and objectives. However, as simple as it may sound, implementing and executing MDM comes with a unique set of typical challenges

 Therefore, in an intensely competitive industry with rapid advances in technology, companies must keep up and evolve rapidly to meet the demands.



Key Points:
  • ISO IDMP implementation: Are you equipped to deal with the new initiatives?
  • Examining the impacts of IDMP on MDM beyond just regulatory information management
  • How to promote the value of MDM: Focusing your business in the right direction
  • Optimizing your product master data management
  • Optimizing your master data processes by tackling data subject requests
  • A successful data governance strategy as a driver for implementing strategic initiatives
  • Implementing FAIR data principle
  • Standardized data to cross link multiple data sources and accelerate product development
  • Understanding and overcoming the challenges of the MDM requirements for serialization
  • IT tools in implementing data modifications strategy