7th & 8th June 2022

The relationship between banks and consumers is changing. We are moving from a world where consumers visit their local bank office to a digital world: with internet banking and mobile applications, much of the face-to-face contact has disappeared. After all, banks have the ambition to provide a fully digital workflow, both from a customer service and a cost perspective.

On the other side, the new rules and regulations related to the identity verification of new customers using video technology are differently adopted accros Europe. Since more and more countries allow the use of innovative technologies such as video conferencing, face recognition, biometrics, and banks should capitalize on these developments, and move their paper, cumbersome onboarding process into more seamless and modern digital journey. In fact, major players have already adopted few technologies, and are in the process of moving their KYC, onboarding into mobile channels.

This conference focuses on how to create the best, most streamlined and seamless digital onboarding journey, while still ensuring that their new online onboarding processes are compliant with all relevant regulations, do not expose the customer or bank to operational risk, and are immune to cyberattacks that would cripple banking systems or jeopardize confidential data. Essentially, this conference will serve as a business networking platform which will highlight the journey towards digital onboarding from various banks, talk about existing challenges and opportunities for the business.

Key Points:
  • Online identification as enabler
  • Digital Identity scheme for Financial Services
  • Video account opening in practice: a digitally manual process.
  • Maneuvering between the regulatory rocks. Are the regulators the only ones to blame?
  • Banks talk a lot about efficiency. What is their carbon footprint?
  • Digital and situation in mBank
  • Banks and fintechs. The current imbalance.
  • How to drive innovation despite all odds?
  • What does the future hold?