10th and 11th December 2020

Managing the customer experience (CX) is now established as a business practice at most companies.
It goes by many names – Customer Experience Management (CEM), Customer Feedback Management (CFM), Voice of Customer (VOC) – but the idea is the same: Listen to customers during or immediately after an experience and take appropriate action on that feedback to improve CX.

For most companies, not managing CX is akin to not having a CRM or an accounting system. In other words, it’s unheard of.

As the customer experience continues to evolve, the newest trend is creating an experience that is almost completely self-service, they want an experience that’s easy-to-use and makes their job easier. That’s why modern platforms make a specific impact on such features as requests for quotes, bulk ordering, and custom pricing, which are essential to giving customers the ultimate self-serving buying experience that will keep them re-purchasing for years to come.

Therefore, in an intensely competitive industry with rapid advances in technology, companies must keep up and evolve rapidly to meet the demands, as well as how to shift from doing digital to being digital.


Global Product Owner Customer Experience

Global Product 

Director Digital Customer
Engagement International
Markets & Europe

Global Commercial Excellence Director

VP Global Strategic Marketing&Head of Global Customer Engagement

Executive VP Marketing & Commercial Excellence (CMO)

Director, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

Head of Customer Excellence

Group Customer Experience Director

Key Points:
  • Digital customer experience in Pharma
  • Rapid adjustment of CX strategy in response to COVID-19
  • The Journey to a perfect CX
  • Increasing automation and introducing artificial intelligence for customer contact and engagement
  • Successfully closing the CX loop
  • Why measuring CX matters How far can anyone excel in CX
  • IMPACT FIRST mindset and culture
  • Speaker Case Study : Approach to Customer Experience
  • Establishing and maintaining the highest levels of CX trough your third party distribution network