8th & 9th June 2021​

The Top Technology Trends in TransportationManaging the Supply Chain (SCM) is now established as a business practice at most companies. In a constantly changing business environment, global life science organizations often face complex barriers while managing supply chains spread across the worldtheir scalability resulting in new sales channels, market segments and potential partners.

The significant role of Supply Chain Management within the company changes the courses of the business. Good SCM is critical at reducing operating costs from Procurement activities, through operations and logistics functions and throughout the whole supply chain. The scale of profitability for large organizations is relative to the management of an organizations supply chain.

SCM also plays an important role in customer satisfaction through the delivery of products and services. Designing and implementing a well-structured supply chain process is a challenging task, which requires an in-depth analysis, followed by a profound and detailed design phase.

Therefore, in an intensely competitive industry with rapid advances in technology, companies must keep up and evolve rapidly to meet the demands.


Vice President Global
Supply Chain

Director Performance Materials Integrated Supply Chain

Executive Director

Supply Chain

Head of Supply Chain Europe

Head of Global
Supply Chain

Chief Operations Officer

Head of Supply Chain, International Markets

Supply Chain

Key Points:
  • The Journey to Successful Supply Chain ManagementRapid adjustment of CX strategy in response to COVID-19
  • What technologies are (and are not) delivering ROI for producers right now?
  • How to meet patient demands and be ‘supply chain ready’ when logistics capacity is limited?
  • Developing an Agile Supply Chain Culture
  • The Top Technology Trends in Transportation
  • How can you digitally transform the way you work with your suppliers?
  • Expand and improve existing omni-channel systems
  • How will the SCM of the future look like?
  • Proactively Sensing and Responding to Supply Chain Disruptions
  • How to effectively manage data from different sources?
    Preparing Global Supply Chains for Covid-19 Vaccines and Treatments