9th & 10th June 2022

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Managing the customer experience (CX) is now established as a business practice at most companies.

It goes by many names – Customer Experience Management (CEM), Customer Feedback Management (CFM) and Voice of Customer (VOC) – but the idea is the same: Listen to customers during or immediately after an experience and take appropriate action on that feedback to improve CX.

Utility companies interact with customers every day. Utilities are working to reenvision what it means to be customer-centric. This means ensuring they are providing services to attract and retain customers. They are forming customer experience departments, commissioning working groups, and investing in tools and research to support customer -focused messaging.

This conference focuses on how to create the best, most practical CX journey within your company. Essentially, this conference will serve as a business networking platform which will highlight the journey towards CX Management from various companies in this industry, talk about existing challenges and opportunities for the business.

Key Points:
  • Shaping exceptional CX
  •  Omnichannel strategy and digital transformation: a needed revolution for utility companies
  • How data will support customers on their road to net zero?
  • Measuring CX success and why it matters
  • Agile as a way of working to deliver brilliant customer experience
  • How to build & implement Customer Experience Management within IT Operations?
  • Why Customer centricity is an important for our #climapositive strategy?
  • How Plenitude promoted and embraced the customer centricity at 360 degrees?
  • Showcasing how AFW developed their initial customer focused strategy
  • How utilities can shift from doing digital to being digital?