17th & 18th March 2022

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Managing the customer experience (CX) is now established as a business practice at most companies.

It goes by many names – Customer Experience Management (CEM), Customer Feedback Management (CFM) and Voice of Customer (VOC) – but the idea is the same: Listen to customers during or immediately after an experience and take appropriate action on that feedback to improve CX.

As the customer experience continues to evolve, the newest trend is creating an experience that is almost completely self-service, they want an experience that’s easy-to-use and makes their job easier. Therefore, in an intensely competitive industry with rapid advances in technology, companies must keep up and evolve rapidly to meet the demands, as well as how to shift from doing digital to being digital.

The CX Virtual Event will bring together senior-level participants that will aim to present effective strategies on CX management. Next Level Network brings you two days ofpresentations and networking led by experts from industry leaders to allow you to learn and develop the solutions required for your business.

Key Points:
  • The Journey to a perfect CX
  • Customer Experience in beyond banking services
  • The fine line between improving security and maintaining customer experience
  • Why is it important to run the VOC and VOE together?
  • Understanding the key benefits of a customer data platform
  • How to find data to build the best Customer Experience?
  • How to convert digital traffic to sales?
  • How to get closer to the holy grail of one-to-one personalization?
  • Customer Experience is more important than Brand
  • Why the digital transformation leads to unloyal customers? 
  • AI Powered Customer Experience